I am really pleased to announce that we here at SEP are launching our First Annual Search and Social Media Jokes Contest, beginning today, and ending December 15, 2007. After all the fun and success we had with our first contest (the SEO Lyrics Contest), how could we not follow up with another?

The winner of this contest will win $500 U.S. in cold hard cash (or perhaps Paypal). All you have to do is submit your best joke, story, video, cartoon, etc. about our beloved industry, and get people to vote for it via social media. We've changed the scoring mechanism for this contest slightly, and in fact have developed our own proprietary Social Media Ranking Algorithm. Each submission's score will be displayed in the silver marble, along with the current ranking of that joke. Scoring is entirely based on votes in various social media, and comments on this blog. Move over Google ... we've got an intelligent multi-media algorithm now!

So, what are you waiting for ... submit your best jokes today, and tune in daily to vote and laugh.

Get all the Rules here ... Contest Rules

The contest officially begins ............. now!