This morn I tweeted a link to Four Ways To Become An Authority Blogger, a guest post by Roko Nastic on Donna Fontenots blog about making money online.

The executive version of that post:

  • Write less
  • In every post write more
  • Dont comment or speculate; meditate on past events
  • Attract high quality guest posters

Minutes after tweeting the link Lisa Barone commented:


Both Lisas comment and the original post demonstrate two more ways in which you can become an authority blogger.

One: Disagree

Especially when something is stated with an absolute kind of authority, an emphasis that leaves little room for well, I mean, what I really meant to say is, disagreeing with what is stated immediately casts upon you the Aura Of Authority (movie music moment). Heads turn towards you and people wait to see what youve got to back up your yeah rrright <eye roll>.

Disagreeing with someone says I know better " and if youre a good writer you can actually follow that up with an heres why. The heres why is what convinces people you do know better. Bingo, authority.

Also, depending on the status of the person youre disagreeing with, disagreeing can be a sort of authority or expertise by association: Heres why Bill Gates is wrong on Windows core code. See what I mean?

Now Lisa is one of the best bloggers out there with a well established reader base and obvious authority so she doesnt actually need to follow up her disagreement with details on the why: the ball would, and is, automatically in Rons court this way. Other less established bloggers would preferably do a quick tweet or post on the whys.

Two: Cause Disagreement

This works especially well if you cause disagreement in a field somewhat related to your own but isnt the core of your expertise.

By stating a sort of half-truth or something ridiculous you can cause people to come out of the woodworks and go thats wrong!. Now heres the funny thing " obviously for people to disagree with you youd have to Be Someone (more boombastic movie sounds). That is how people " from your readers to potential customers --  experience that.

If what you say is plausible and " even better " a populist view or experience, people demonstrating just how wrong you are arent seen as correcting you your readers think theyre disagreeing with you; you have your expert opinion, they have theirs

Amazing, isnt it?

Heres What You Can Do Today

  • You know what you know; youre good at what you do: be the teacher in your posts
  • Share your knowledge
  • Dont disagree to disagree but do point out incorrect information that could harm your reader base
  • Dont be afraid to state what you think; use your own voice

Have you seen these strategies applied in the wild? Do you use any of these strategies accidentally or on purpose? Or do you use other ways to establish yourself as The Authority?