Ok, I guess it is that time of year to gaze into the SEO crystal ball and make some predictions. My predictions for last year were way off the mark, so hopefully I will do better this time.

  • Click fraud will finally be exposed to be worse than anyone imagined, and both Google and Yahoo! will be under heavy scrutiny. Lawsuits will force them both to completely restructure their PPC programs. Microsoft will win this battle because they are so far behind in the PPC game, that they will be able to adjust much more easily.
  • Yahoo's recent and future acquisitions will be melded together in such a way that users will have a good reason to make Yahoo! their home page. That home page will be so slick, easy to use, unencumbered and useful, that it will be the must-have starting point.
  • Microsoft will improve it's search share with the release of Vista, but it will take another 8 months before that improvement is large-scale, so look for that to happen in 2007.
  • Google's biggest concerns will involve lawsuits. 2006 will see them bombarded with lawsuits, and the share price of their stock will reflect the unease.
  • SEOs will continue the trend of divide and conquer, becoming ever more specialized in narrow areas or niches.

Check back a year from now to see if I came anywhere close to being right. 🙂