Since television first became available to the masses in 1947, people have been able to relax in the comfort of their own homes to watch a variety of their favorite programs. Soap operas, sports, sitcoms, made-for-TV movies, variety shows, dramas, talk shows, game shows and reality shows are but a few of the seemingly endless choices available.

Now, what is the one thing all of these programs have in common? Commercials! But don't change the channel just yet. The advent of TIVO and the practice of recording television shows to watch later has forced advertisers and agencies to step up their game. The result is commercials that aren't so bad and actually quite often are entertaining.

Today's commercials require creative concepts to grab and hold our attention. This must be accomplished while telling us why we should buy their car insurance, apply for their credit cards or watch their upcoming movies. The result is a new standard of creativity in advertising. Commercials are becoming so entertaining that we often find ourselves intentionally watching them!

We looked back over the year and chose our 5 favorite TV commercials for 2011. See if you agree, then let us know which ones we missed!

#5 Pop Tarts

2011 saw a series of new Pop Tarts ads centered around animated school children Hip Hop dancing. A personal favorite for both creativity and relevance, this series of break dancing characters always makes us pause our TIVO and watch in wonder.

#4 The Most Interesting Man in the World

This series of commercials from Dos Equis has spawned hundreds of knock offs on YouTube. Loved by women the world over, this most interesting man is also the envy of men the world over.

#3 Living Social

LivingSocial offers one fantastic deal every day to their subscribers. Their commercials are among the most inventive ever. We're still trying to figure out how they do it!

#2 Mayhem

The new standard for unforeseen danger, Mayhem appears to be everywhere. Allstate hits a home run by injecting humor into a serious topic.

#1 Cuckoo for Christmas

Maria Bamford is back as Target's demented Black Friday superfan. Although tecnically this ad series began prior to 2011, this year's offerings are just as fresh and funny as the very first one.


So "that's a wrap" for the most interesting television commercials for 2011. What were your favorites?