It is indeed a sad time at SEP, as we publish the Toronto Maple Leaf's Obituary for the 2nd straight year.

MAPLE LEAFS, Toronto - With deep hearts, on Saturday, April 7th, with spectators at its side, Toronto fell peacefully into spring slumber.  Toronto suffered from a short illness that was detected in February and several weeks later succumbed to No Stanley Cup Playoff Syndrome (NSCPS) in the late hours of a calm spring evening.  It was not without additional pains as long-time friend Habby passed just days earlier of the same debilitating condition.

Toronto was young and vibrant in the fall of 2011.  Many believed in big things from Toronto: reaching great heights, winning in the world of sport and human relations, and so much more.  And it was a great time in the life of Toronto and those around Toronto felt that same positive influence and it carried through another harsh and uninviting Canadian winter.  Toronto brought such pleasure to those around it that it felt as though the massive snowfalls and freezing weather were almost warm and sunny - even through the early parts of January and February.

Times changed quickly in early February when the early stages of NSCPS were detected.  Trained professionals knew it was only a matter of time before things would get so bad that a recovery would not be possible.  That news became solidified when a lengthy home illness brought about the final hours of life, of heart, of living that Toronto had previously made a part of its daily process.

On a trip to the European-inspired city of Montreal, Toronto fell asleep to never wake up again.  Toronto was returned on a charter flight late on a Saturday night, without fanfare, without friends or family present.  Unto itself, it returned alone.  Though spring may be in full bloom it was Toronto whose petals had fallen off and crumbled.
There was a public gathering on April 10 as family and friends were invited to air their grievances.  As it was done so it was done.

Arrangements have been made at the local golf course.  Viewings start at 7am, 7:04am, 7:10am and 8:13am.  Golf ball donations are preferred in lieu of flowers.

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