How Much Information Does An Effective Lead Capture Form Ask?

Creating a good and compelling landing page is just half the work done. You have convinced the lead to enter your shop and take a look into your products and offerings. You have captured the false flank but the battle is yet to be won.

Depending on the context of your product, your lead capture forms becomes a deciding factor….

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7 Characteristics of Compelling Calls to Action

Benefits in your call to action

Creating compelling and successful calls to action is part art and part science. The overwhelming tsunami of information on the web around this subject can leave the humble website owner unsure where to begin.

To remedy this I have put together a list of the 7 most common characteristics that can be found in calls to action that guide the user towards your designated business goal. The characteristics listed below can be applied to any site in any vertical; you just have to know what your goal is….

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