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10 Most Notorious Wikipedia Editing Scandals

As much as we appreciate the existence of this free, online encyclopaedia, errors – and even outright falsehoods – can sometimes creep in, reminding us that good old Wiki is often worth taking with a pinch of salt. These scandalous editing examples show just how wary you should be. Beware the ominous words, “Citation Needed.”

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Cleaning Up Your Online Reputation

Having worked in the Online Reputation Management field for over 6 years I have encountered many individuals who want a particular result for their name "removed" from the search results page. Unfortunately, removing anything from Google Search is nearly impossible.

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Basic web page layout in HTML5

There is a lot of buzz about HTML5 being a breakthrough which will improve websites from a design view point and SEO. Even though HTML5 won't be completely supported until 2022, there is no reason not to become familiar with [...]

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