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Setting a Fallback for Post Thumbnails in WordPress

I've noticed when working on larger sites with multiple authors one of the most common things to slip through the cracks is setting a featured image. While this shouldn't break your theme, it can create layout inconsistencies or (shudder) broken images. Lucky for us, we can easily provide a fallback, and I'll tell you how.

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The Quick-Start Guide to Turning Content into Links

Once you publish something, do you sit back and watch for your tweet counts and Facebook share stats to creep up, hoping for a handful of visitors? You can take this approach, or you can take a more proactive approach, turning each piece of the top-quality content you've so carefully crafted into dozens even hundreds of valuable links.

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Increase Web Page Speed: Optimize Your JavaScript

In years 2010 Google announced that it is incorporating site speed as one of the over 200 signals that we use in determining search rankings. There are many ways to improve the website performance and reduce the page load time, [...]

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