Hi, my name is Tom Tsinas and I've been a V.P. Business Development at Search Engine People for three weeks now. Being new, I should tell you about myself. I had been with the world's original search engine, the Yellow Pages Group, for 10 years in variety of roles ranging from Marketing, Business Development, Product Management, National and Local Sales.

In the last few years, I noticed that local advertisers began asking me about search engine positioning, pay per click advertising and advice on how to improve their websites. For small businesses, their Yellow Pages team function as their chief marketing officer. As a result, I began to investigate what all this SEO SEM fuss was about.

While most would start searching by typing SEO into their favorite browser, I started by reaching out to an old friend, Jeff Quipp, whom I think is the smartest guy in the business, for knowledge and advice on how to help my clients. Over time, I developed an appreciation for the kind of accountable work Jeff was engaged in and the challenges and creativity the industry fostered.

It didn't take long....about five years...before I decided to make the bold move and leave an outstanding Company for an exciting industry on the verge redefining Marketing/Advertising as we know it.

It's an honor to have the opportunity to work with such a strong, professional, diverse and focused team that Jeff has assembled at Search Engine People.

Please tune in weekly as I will share with you my experiences, challenges and, on occasion, an epiphany or two regarding my observations as a rookie in the search and social media space.