A lot of my clients, mostly non Social Media ask me for advice with their social media plans and how to track, measure and convert their traffic. Although I'm not running their campaigns for them, there are numerous tools that I use or that I have used and that I recommend for them as they are unique and work extremely well. Facebook is an awesome channel with tons of traffic and if you do it correctly you can convert that traffic and measure the sales that come from it. Here are three newer tools that I use and enjoy.

1. Viewbix video tools.

Viewbix is a newer company that I met at Affiliate Summit. They offer a brand new way to maximize what you can do with your videos. The Viewbix player enables you to easily add in affiliate links, social apps like picture and video streams, coupon feeds, weather apps, maps, your ebay seller auction feeds and most importantly calls to action to your video within minute. Not only is it fully customizable, but there is no programming involved. So how does this help you to convert Facebook traffic?

When you create your Viewbix video, you are able to add in social apps as well as collect email addresses from your YouTube videos, etc... When the video is shared from your site onto sites like Facebook, all of the functionality stays in tact. When the video is uploaded on Facebook or shared, you can have calls to action to shop, if you have a newsletter app installed it can collect email addresses from Facebook for you when the user signs up and if you are a coupon site, ebay seller, ecommerce merchant, hotel, etc... you can have people click your feeds to see live auctions or coupons, check availability and book a room after clicking on the call to action or even click to buy a product right off the video. The video gets the attention and pre-sells the product while Viewbix provides the calls to action and functionality to convert the interest into sales. Viewbix also offers a full suite of user friendly analytics about your videos. Viewbix also offers a free basic account so you can try them out. You can find and watch examples on the Viewbix site.

2. Volusion shopping carts Facebook storefront app.

I have always been a huge supporter of Volusion ever since I opened my first Volusion store. One of the newer features that my friend introduced me to last week is their storefront for Facebook. What I love about this is that you just check off that you want the store front, select how to show and sort your products and then you can send it right into a tab on Facebook. Now as you are updating your Facebook wall with articles and stories that interest your readers, not to mention updates about your company, you can have a tab called shop now, store or your company name. When they click on it they can see a variety of products, services or if you're a non profit options for donations and click through directly to that product page to buy or they can click the share button to share it with all of their friends. Here is a screen shot of one of my friends new stores on Volusion and the Facebook shopping tab he created in minutes. Facebook Store Facebook Store

3. Pagemodo Contact Forms.

Pagemodo is a Facebook tab building tool that offers a ton of unique designs, full customization and a ton of functionality. Although they offer templates for video and storefronts like above, the tab that I enjoy most from Pagemodo is the contact us tab. For a long time it was hard to be able to get people to your site with questions, if your an agency to get potential clients to come to your site and then look for your contact us page and fill it out, etc... Now with Pagemodo you can use their free account option to create a contact us tab on your Facebook fanpage in minutes and enable customers to and potential clients or partners to reach out to your directly from Facebook. Here is an example of a Pagemodo contact us tab on Facebook from's Contact Us Facebook Page's Contact Us Facebook Page

There are tons of ways to convert your Facebook Fanpage traffic and numerous tools with free options for you to try out. Viewbix and Pagemodo are two of my favorite tools with free options and I love the storefont feature of Volusion's shopping cart, even though it is not a free service. I have personally used all three of these and built a close relationship with two of the companies. I highly recommend them and hope that you give them a try.