Of course Doubleclick has to be happy with the recent news that it's sale brought in 50% more than anticipated by The Street.

Microsoft, not so much. Having been shut out of the the game, it's now urging regulators to look at the impending Google/Doubleclick deal, according to The New York Times. And AT&T has joined them in the cry.

But it's not just Doubleclick and Google that are benefiting.

Aquantiive, 24/7 Real Media and Valueclick have also witnessed upticks today, and not insignificant ones.

If it all hinges around the recent cost per acquisition and adserving technologies that Google has put forth in recent months, weeks, days then my bet is on Valueclick. If it's a matter of reach, Aquantive would appear to be the frontrunner.

My vote is for Valueclick, though it's admittedly biased.

Have a good one.

~ The (SEP) Guy