A couple of snippets of SEO tips/tidbits mentioned at the conference that I wanted to note while I still remember them:

If a url has no cache link in the Yahoo SERPs....it's probably got a penalty on it.

Matt Cutts said the only urls in the supplemental index are those with not enough PageRank to be included in the regular index. A few links could pull it out.

Have a site that has a local presence? Claim your site via Google Local. You'll get a postcard via snail mail which will then allow you to edit your listing, allowing you to get keywords into the title. If you can rank in the top 3 for Google Local, then you'll probably be in the onebox at the top of the SERPs in the regular Google search.

Ask rep mentioned that although bloggers should have good original content, sometimes all you have to do is "suck a little bit less" than the others.