Search Advertising is probably one of the most effective channels available for digital campaigns. If used appropriately it can generate many leads and sales but it can also be an incredible source of important data that can be used to learn how to exploit other channels like SEO, or to learn more about your users and your business.

1) The right keywords for your SEO strategy

SEO is without doubt the digital marketing channel that takes longer to deliver successful results. For this reason, I often suggest my clients to use Adwords to find out what are the most effective keywords to use in a SEO campaign.

Through the search advertising channel it is easy and fast to test and evaluate different keywords and their performance. This can save you a lot of time and money in your SEO campaign.

If you are tracking conversions and using the right KPI's, you will be able to chose which are the right keywords for your site.

You should be looking at keywords with:

  • the best conversion rates,
  • the most qualified traffic (bounce rates, time on site, page views per visit),
  • a good opportunity in terms of competition.


2) Learn how to improve your SERPs click through rate

Search advertising can help you easily understand how to change your website's meta descriptions to improve CTR. The text ads used in this channel are very similar to the organic result in Google, and it's most likely that if an ad is successful in the paid results section it will be also in the organic result list.

Learn which claim or call to action works best and implement it in your meta descriptions. It will help you achieve more traffic.

I often use Adwords to test different ads for the SEO strategy with great results. In some cases you can double your click through rates easily.

3) Learn more about users behaviour

Thanks to the search advertising channel you can learn more about your effectiveness of your pages. You will find incredibly useful the information that you can retrieve from a campaign, especially if you are promoting a new website, page or section of the site for the first time. You can't wait the "unpaid" traffic to help you understand if your page has a good usability and if the user engagement is working as per plan.

Use your web analytics software (eg. Google Analytics) to track your campaign KPI's:

  • Bounce rates
  • Page visit per user
  • Time on site
  • Conversions

You can also use eye tracking services like ClickTale to learn more about your page design effectiveness.

4) Easily test the market response on your products and services

There is no better channel to test your market.

Through Adwords you can buy from hundreds to millions of very targeted and specific visits (clicks) in a very short period. For this reason, through this channel you can learn more about your products and services potential.

Conversion rates, leads and sales generated can help you understand if your product is attractive and if your price is competitive.