Search engines aren't  the only way consumers have to make new purchases. Younger consumers are already moving towards sites like Facebook and Yelp which rely on the wisdom of the masses.

What can you do to assure your company wont fall by the wayside?

The more prepared you are for change, the less it hurts when it comes. So pull yourself together and get cracking.

1. Start Today


Start using social media and marketplaces to build connections.

The longer youre in there, the more respect youll get.

No matter what youre selling, make sure that you get good reviews and keep up with your customers.

It will pay off in the end.

2. Stay Organized


Its more than just price that concerns consumers.

The speed at which you process orders, your efficiency, your shipping, all these things affect your sales.

Dont get caught up in the price and forget what goes on in the background.

3. Bring Them Back


Plan ahead on how to keep your customers.

Yes, you may have very few, but the least you can do is keep them.

Loyalty programs, discounts and coupons bring buyers back, and can even net you some new ones.

4. Keep Score


Keep track of your sales.

Where are people buying your stuff? When?

Google analytics doesnt work on marketplace sites, so invest in something that does.

The more you know, the more you grow.

5. Beware


 Youre swimming with sharks. Theres always a danger of getting eaten.

The very marketplaces youre using are also your competitors, and they know everything you know- maybe more.

Keep things diversified and dont put all your eggs in one basket.