5 Low-Cost High-Impact Relatively Immediate Search Marketing Tactics

1. Online Press Release Distribution Some cost more than others and some are in fact free but a salient, relevant press release can garner top results within hours of release and make it onto any number of newsfeeds

2. Get Dugg Although there is nothing guaranteed, the right story at the right time can be rewarded on Digg and result in a significant traffic boost, again, literally within hours

3. Article Submission/Syndication Make your site content work for you. Much like press releases, create a compelling angle for a feature or product on your web site and submit with results being increased brand awareness, increased traffic and increased links in hours if not days

4. Reach Out Seek out influencers in your space, bloggers, forums and the like, with something topical, relevant and current and again, the response can be immediate, with a high viral or pass along rate.

5. Paid Search Surprisingly, not on Google but on MSN or Ask. Why? More bang for the buck. Keywords will be cheaper and while they would not have the same volume of searches, they will have the same density relative to that property. Your campaign can be up in minutes.



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