With the plethora of social media tools out there, and more popping up each day, it can be difficult to determine which ones are right for your local business. Ultimately, though, selecting a few key resources can make your marketing efforts on social media platforms much more efficient and effective. Of the five tools that I would suggest are must haves for your business, two provide a more general monitoring of your social media impact while the other three are specific to a particular platform.



The amount of information about usage and followers generated for each social media platform can be overwhelming for a local business. That's why this tool is so helpful. It can aggregate and report out on eight different social media platforms. Therefore, it can be helpful in conducting a regular audit of overall social media performance of your organization.



Being aware of what is being shared about your local business is vital. However, just doing an internet search for your business name wont give you all the information for which you're looking. You need a resource which will review the social media platforms and the internet. This is where this tool can assist you. The important aspect with which to get proficient when it comes to this tool is your search terms; it will likely take some time and research to refine what terms and keywords will return the most accurate results for your local business.



For posting to Twitter (and some other social media networks), Hootsuite is a great tool. It allows your local business to shorten links while creating a tweet, schedule future tweets, and design an easy to view dashboard. It is one of the fastest ways to assess your Twitter impact and activity. For as wonderful as Hootsuite is for Twitter, its not suggested for Facebook as the Facebook algorithm doesn't look kindly on scheduling posts outside of Facebook. Depending on the other platforms your local business utilizes, you may be able to also monitor and schedule them in this tool.



If there are no re-tweets or comments, it can be hard to determine if a particular tweet had an impact on your followers (or even those searching for your local business). This is where TweetReach comes in. This tool can be utilized to determine the reach of your tweets; who's read them and how has action been taken. Now your business can understand the full impact of its activities.

Facebook Insights

When it comes to Facebook, often the best tools for use with this platform come from Facebook itself, and analytical data on usage and trends is no different. For a local business, it is often getting used to regularly reviewing and monitoring trends to determine how to change or enhance posts to maximize reader engagement.

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