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5 Things You Didn't Know About DazzlinDonna

1. I didn't know my real first name until it was time for me to attend high school. Until that time, I had been known by my nickname. Even my medical records and school records showed my nickname (except for my birth certificate). At some point, right before going to high school, I realized that I must have a real name. My nickname couldn't possibly be what my parents had put on my birth certificate, could it? So, I asked and found out that my real name was Donna, and set about re-educating all my friends and family to use that name instead of my nickname. It took a long time to get everyone used to calling me Donna. Every now and then, someone still slips up and calls me "Pixie".

2. When I was a kid, I was a very picky eater. For years, I only ate 4 foods. 90% of my meals consisted of Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon PopTarts. Occasionally, I would eat a can of Pork n' Beans, and once in a while, I would chow down on "broiled bread" (essentially, toast made in the oven). Every Friday night, I'd go out to eat with my parents, and I would always order Stuffed Crab. I was the Stuffed Crab expert in Baton Rouge, LA. I knew which restaurants served the best stuffed crabs, and which used frozen ones.

3. There was actually one other food that I ate every Saturday. Every Saturday morning, about 4 a.m., my dad would wake me up to go fishing. He would make a Cream and Sugar sandwich for me to take with us. I would anxiously watch him mix together a whole bunch of sugar with a generous helping of condensed milk until it formed a thick paste. Then he would slather it between pieces of white bread. Man, those were some yummy sandwiches. Then we would drive an hour or two to whatever fishing spot he'd picked out for that day. I remember going to Lake Verret most often. It is a big, beautiful lake, with lots of old cypress trees growing in it. The best fishing is putting your line in at the base of the trees, but it was pretty tough to keep from getting your line from getting tangled in the cypress knees. I think Dad spent more time getting my line untangled than he did fishing, but he didn't seem to mind. During crawfish season, we would go crawfishing instead. We'd walk along some swampy area, laying out crawfish traps, for what seemed like a mile or so. By the time we walked back to the beginning, the traps would be ready to be picked up, and we'd make the trek again to gather up all the crawfish. After I ended my picky eater stage, I dug into the catfish, bream, and crawfish that we always caught.

4. My favorite sport is football - especially LSU football. In my family, we were raised from birth to be LSU footballs fans. Purple and Gold are the family's favorite color combinations, and purple itself is my favorite color. There was never any question about where I would attend college. It was just a given that I would go to LSU. My mom was a somewhat superstitious person, and she always had to have purple and gold flowers in the house on a Saturday night. Of course, during football season, there's not too many flowers to be found, but she'd make Daddy go outside and find some purple and gold wildflowers (weeds) anyway. Sometimes, it would take him an hour or two to find some, but he knew he'd better not come home without them. By the time, he'd get home, he'd find my mom all decked out in all her LSU clothing. Everything on her body was either purple or gold. She was a funny looking sight at times. But then, the game would start, and we'd hoot and holler and scream till we were hoarse. Mom liked to think she could control a pass by running up to the TV, putting her hands on the television screen, and guiding the ball with her hands. Hey, it worked sometimes. 🙂

5. Once in a while (not often), I have dreams about things that are actually happening somewhere to someone I know. For instance, I dreamed that my sister had a knife of some sort inside of her. My mom called the next morning to tell me that my sister had just had an emergency operation and she wasn't doing well. I told her that I thought maybe the doctor had left something inside of her. Turns out, he had. When I have one of those kinds of dreams, I usually tell the person involved, in case they need to know something important. Of course, they think I'm crazy, but that's ok. It's worth it, if there's even a remote chance that I can help.

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