Are you stressed about where your next dollar is coming from? Have you been blogging and networking for months, only to look back and find you’ve spent tons of time with no results? Although some individuals seem to be able to turn everything they touch to gold, this is not the case from most of us. In general, the ones seeing their efforts come to fruition are the ones implementing strategic, well-thought-out plans by converting hard data to attainable goals.

Now, affiliate marketers say that the money is all in the list you use. Do yourself and your business a favor, however. Don’t think of your community of people as a “list”. A list is just there to enhance your ability to communicate with like-minded individuals. We’ve said it before; we’ll say it again – create relationships. Talk, spend time on their blogs, connecting with them on FaceBook, Twitter, Tweet-ups and conventions. Ultimately, people connect with you because of trust, not because you’re spamming them with links.

This is a quick reference to social marketing, creating a community that you can turn into a powerful resource for business growth. Once you get your website tightened and optimized, your social network then becomes a true network. How does this blend with search engines, though?

When someone searches for your product or service through search engines, many are already motivated in some way: to buy, to learn more, to get updates. If anyone in your social networking community searches for a product or service, you’ve already made a connection. The chances of conversion are much higher due to your pre-created relationship. They know you, they trust you, and that trust transfers to your product or service.

Here are a few more tips to help along your road to online success:

Tip #1: Promote your business on social networks

Not all social networks are created equal and, depending on your community and business, some may not give you good results. However, for us, FaceBook, Twitter and guest blogs have given us the best return. Our traffic has jumped 58% since we started using social media.

Pay attention to your baseline information – what your site stats are before starting your promotions – and compare them to your stats after your promotions. What do visitors read? How long do they stay on your site? This information will help you figure out what your visitors like.

Tip #2: Build your web visibility

Manage your reputation within the social network community. Build partnerships and links; submit your site, articles and sitemaps wherever and whenever you can.

Tip #3: Target your niche, not everyone

It’s hard not to try and reach as wide an audience as possible, but restrain yourself. Keep in mind that you actually have a niche, a target audience, and writing for everyone can lose your target audience – who are actually the people that convert.

Tip #4: Use SEO keywords that best suit your services and audience

Your audience uses key terms, but do you know what they are? Do you know what they’re looking for when they come to your website? Learn your audience inside and out; use your analytics program to “read” their minds and find what keywords they use. Then, expand on those keywords.

Tip #5: Optimize your descriptions

Your descriptions are the most important part of search engine real estate. Don’t shove your keywords in the descriptions; give potential visitors a reason to click. Make those words pop out at with action words like “download”, “test” or “buy”.

By implementing even a few of the above tips, your website will be more search engine and visitor friendly. As well, your audience becomes more targeted, giving you greater chances of conversion. Lastly, you will be building loyalty and trust in your customers and/or clients that last for a lifetime.