You've been there. So have I. There you are, minding your own business, when suddenly you realize you need a blog post written for today. And it should have been posted an hour ago.

Not only that, but you were just getting ready to head out for lunch, your stomach is growling, and you still have another enormous project to finish when you get back.

Dont stress. Here are five ways you can crank out that last minute blog post in 10 minutes or less.

1. Post a picture

Post a photo to get a blog post out

Its not as lame as it sounds. Find a great picture that makes a statement. Maybe it's a picture you took or maybe you grabbed it from a stock photography Web site. Either way, BAM! You've got content.

But don't be that guy that posts a picture and makes that a post. Tell a story about the picture or make some witty commentary. Make it relevant to your audience. It'll be fine.

2. Make a list

make a list to do fast blog postHey hey, look at that. I'm taking my own advice.

Oh sure, many people bemoan the fact that Top 10 lists are tired and overdone.

But you know what? Readers still eat them up.

They get voted up on social voting sites and re-tweeted dozens of times on Twitter.

Why? Because they make for easy reading. They're skimmable.

When we have a million things crying out for our attention, it's nice to know that this post isn't going to take too long to read if it's only got five bullet points.

3. Start a poll

Here's a thought. Instead of trying to provide your readers with all the answers all the time, why not ask them what they think? Create a poll. Write a paragraph or two explaining the issue, and ask your readers what they think. If you can get them to start a debate in your comments section, thats even better!

4. Piggyback on another post youve written

Did you write a post a few weeks or a few months ago that could use an update? Make that update now as a separate post that links back to the original. It's a lot easier to comment on something without having to re-create the setup and background information. If you do this, you have to make sure youre adding value for your readers and not just rehashing the same old thing.

5. Piggyback on a post someone else has written

I've done this several times, but not because I was under pressure to post something quickly.

youve just
400 words
as a comment
in 4 minutes
Sometimes you read another bloggers post and you fire off a comment that's practically another post in and of itself. On occasion, I've stopped myself from submitting the comment and instead copied and pasted the text into my blog. It's funny when you realize you've just written 400 words as a comment on someone else's post, and it only took you four minutes.

If something was that provocative, give that original post a link and turn your comment into your very own post. It's not cheating. You're passing link juice to the original blogger and hopefully introducing your readers to a new conversation they may have otherwise missed out on.