A common and powerful way to generate leads, build trust and develop rapport is to offer potential prospects a free ebook or whitepaper. But the problem is, in a world where everyone is offering the same thing, how do you stand out?

Here are a few alternate ideas to go beyond ebook marketing.

Tweet Chat

Tweet chats happen when you encourage a group of people to tweet about your topic using the same hashtag (#).

Examples could be #brandname, #local or just about anything you think up. No one "owns" a hashtag.

Users can then follow the chat on Twitter and interact. Chats are run at specific times (e.g. 10am on Mondays) or only at announced times. You could offer prospects your "secret" hashtag so they can join in the conversation.


Go beyond simple PowerPoint presentations and upload How To guides, Case Studies, Trends and more.

It couldn't be easier - just create an account and upload your presentation.

Then, you can deliver the SlideShare link on your lead capture form. This could also encourage additional social sharing.

Private LinkedIn Group

Most LinkedIn groups are open, meaning, anyone can join. But for lead nurturing, there's an element of mystique when you make the group private. So after they complete your form, you can suggest they join your LinkedIn group.

Here's how to make yours "Private". When on LinkedIn's "Create Group" page, make the following selections: select the "Request to Join" option, and uncheck the boxes next to "Display this group in the Groups Directory" and "Allow members to display the logo on their profiles".

Of course, if you've created a group already, and want to make it private, just visit the "Manage" tab under Group Settings and make the previous selections.

Video's & Recordings

Many marketers are choosing to show a video after a landing page instead of using ebooks.

Your instructional or how-to video should display on your lead confirmation page, thus giving prospects a chance to immediately consume your information.

Many video hosting choices are available, with the most common being YouTube and Vimeo. As a bonus, incorporate a Facebook Comments button to foster greater interaction.

See https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/comments/ for more information on Facebook Comments.

Offline Event

Perhaps your business is one where an offline event or admission to an offline event could spur lead nurturing.

Many Internet marketers, such as Brendon Burchard, offer tickets or steeply discounted admission to their offline, "live" events once you sign up for their materials.

For a small business, it could be an invitation to a networking event or seminar held in the community.