On the 5th Day of Content my Digital Marketing Team gave to me, five golden webinar tips!

Hosting a webinar may seem like a pretty daunting task, but if done properly, it could help you build strong relationships with your audience and generate potential leads. Follow these tips and you'll be hosting a rocking webinar before you know it!

Choose a topic that's going to be relatable and of interest to a large audience. Start with an overall theme then break it down into smaller segments that your listeners will be able to take action on ASAP. If you're unsure what topic to tackle, ask your followers on social media what their daily industry struggles are and go from there.

1. Choosing The Appropriate Time For Your Webinar

  • Time could be one of the most important factors for success. If your audience are zombies who don't like sleep, then 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning is the perfect time to host your webinar. If they are like the rest of the population, 1:00 or 2:00 p.m. EST during the week, preferably Tuesday to Thursday, will be most convenient and likely give you the best attendance.

    2. Plan Ahead!

  • Send out emails to your audience at least a month ahead of time, this will allow you to get an idea of how many people you'll be presenting to and what type of people will be listening. You'll be able to get a better handle on their education level and which information to focus deeper on or skim over. Ensure the landing page in your email clearly outlines the 5 W's and is easy to sign up for.

  • Between meetings, seminars and conferences it's hard to remember all the places you have to be. So send reminder emails two weeks before and one to two days prior to your webinar. This will remind your audience that they are signed on for some awesome content. Sometimes they won't be able to make it so give them another chance to extend the invite to others.

    3. Provide Value

  • Offer exclusive content to your listeners, information they aren't going to be able to find through Google. Offer special eBooks, valuable statistics you've come across in a study you've completed, blog content not yet posted to your website, something that will resonate with your listeners and keep them coming back.
  • Including guest speakers provide a whole new audience for you to reach and offer additional insight on your topic. You'll be able to engage with an audience you wouldn't otherwise be able to reach and extend their knowledge onto your current following. Both parties are able to grow from the partnership.

    4. Extend The Life Of Your Webinar With A #hashtag

  • This will allow those participating to engage in further discussion and questions, and allow those who missed your webinar a chance to recap what they missed. Be sure to assign designated social media correspondent to respond to tweets, and tweet out facts as the webinar is happening. But by all means, if other platforms make sense to incorporate don't leave them out.

    5. Practice Makes Perfect

  • Make sure you have enough time to go through all of your information without going over or under time. Factor in time for a question and answer period. If you're using a new platform make sure you fully understand how the technology works. Do a run through with someone who isn't an expert on the topic, this will allow you to smooth out any bumps.
  • Remember in school when the teacher would skip to the next slide when you had a question? Give your listeners the opportunity to ask questions and plan time to answer them fully. This is a great opportunity to interact with your audience and create stronger authority on the topic. Encourage listeners to ask questions throughout your webinar using the chat function, or send them polls. Wrap up any questions you think listeners might have had in a follow up blog post after your webinar.

    Wrap everything up with a thank you! These last few moments with your audience gives you the opportunity to thank them for attending and staying tuned in. It also gives you a chance to provide additional information that could compliment your webinar, such as a blog or eBook. It's likely that your listeners took valuable time to watch your webinar, so make your mother proud and use those manners she taught you by extending a simple thank you.

    Can you think of any tips we've left out? Leave your comments below!