Not Your Average Content Fix: 12 Tips For Totally Awesome Content Tools


Content tools help consumers with everyday problems and provide them with solutions. Businesses can now provide content to potential customers via tools that can be accessed from multiple platforms - mobile being the most prevalent. Below are tips to keep in mind when creating your own exceptional content tool.

Tip 1 - Easy To Use

Tools should be easy to use, free from complications and complexities. The easier the tool is to use, the better the experience for users. When useful and usable tools are paired with an ecommerce site or informational homepage, page engagement and CTR% improve dramatically!

Tip 2 - Easy to Access from All Platforms/Devices

Individuals spend a significant amount of time on portable devices, specifically mobile. 58% of Canadian adults are now smartphone owners. At this time, more people have access to apps, tools and ecommerce sites than don't!

Tools and applications should be accessible from mobile and other portable devices without problems. Consumers want their information immediately, they want their questions answered on-the-go and without delay. Content can be accessed easily with tools/apps; ensuring consumers build a meaningful relationship with a brand.

Tip 3 - Relevant Content

Content should include relevant keywords, specific to the industry and what is trending. Provide consumers with up to date news, or compelling content that would spark their interest, or a solution to their problem that ties in with your branding. A great content tool/ app is CP24. This tool provides a wide array of content in various forms - from videos, news articles, press releases, polls and pictures to get the message to their consumers and it's consistently updated with relevant information for the target audience.

Tip 4 - Consistently Updated With New Material

Tools should be updated frequently with new information and new features. Updating your app with information that is available on other platforms allows individuals to access your content without leaving your site.

Tip 5 - Convenient Quick Answers to Consumer's Everyday Problems

Provide compelling content that uses polls and interactive posts to gather information regarding your target audience. Listen to their responses and provide an experience that solves the problems of their daily life. The more you address their needs, the greater the likelihood of conversion.

Tip 6 - Connect To Your e-Commerce Site or Home Page

By providing rich and informative content you can create a buzz with the consumer - now they need somewhere to go. Linking your mobile app to your homepage or creating an e-commerce site for mobile allows you to capitalize on the experience you've created. You can use this integration to move a person to purchase when they're looking at products, or by moving them to a contact us form when they're looking for information. Move customers to different parts of a website in a way that is reactive to how they use the application.

Tip 7 - Promote Your Tool on Your Website

Having your tool/app easily found and downloadable increases the amount that your content is viewed by mobile users. Ensure your tool is promoted and visible on your website. The audience visiting your site is the prime candidate for using your tool. Include a blog on the functionality and specifics of your new tool, using screenshots and real life examples will explain the benefits of your tool to your targeted audience.

Tip 8 - Fresh Content Not on Other Platforms

Mobile tools should have different content than what is posted on your other platforms. Content needs to be designed specifically to this experience in order to maximize engagement. Develop an understanding of what your app/tool style should look like, ask yourself which font is easiest to read. It is beneficial to have a co-worker or friend try to use your app/tool. If they have trouble understanding or using the app you may have to rework your user experience.

Tip 9 - Grab Your Audiences Attention with Content

Driving consumers to your app requires a memorable, unique and simple name. The simpler the name the easier it will be found in an app search. An essential part of your tool is the description - this is the place where you will be able to describe what your app does, how to functions. Answer all those fundamental questions that your target audience may have before choosing a name for your app/tool.

Tip 10 - Design for Mobile Phone Functionality

Your content needs to be easily accessible, and needs to send notifications to users when new content is posted. A pleasant and intuitive experience leads to returning customers. Understanding the dynamics of what a new or return customer is looking for will help you develop a target specific user experience.

Tip 11 - Take Advantage of Mobile Platform

Providing compelling and educational content via mobile is crucial to growing your business in the online realm. Retailers with apps that had an online store gather 500% more engagement than those who don't (Source: Point Inside, 2013). 48% of consumers would use a smart phone to shop while in-store or on the go (Source: Cisco, 2013). Individuals are now using their smart phones to find the best deals in the surrounding area. Apps/tools provide information to the consumer which may have gone unnoticed when shopping the traditional way. Consumers are depending more on mobile apps to compare the prices in store to online. "Consumers may research a product online and then buy it in a store, or view something in a store and then buy from a mobile device" CTV News, (2013). Several mobile apps have location settings that allow the consumer to find the product their interested in nearby. Mobile platforms funnel leads directly to your business or re-route people to your e-commerce portion of your website. Whereas 80% of smartphone owners want more mobile-optimized product information while they're shopping in stores (Source: Moosylvania, 2013).

Tip 12 - Maintaining Your Tool
Content is crucial, but an effective simple and functional design is just as crucial to the tool/app. Staying up to date with new design concepts is highly recommended. Once the tool is created it cannot be forgotten. Technology gets old, systems upgrade and devices receive new software, resulting in slower incompatible apps. Following competitors and tech blogs will allow you to understand what the next big push is and be ready for it. You can even learn "interesting solutions for interface controls or additional useful functionality" - Alexander Kirov, Scoutzie (2013)

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    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

    Not Your Average Content Fix: 12 Tips For Totally Awesome Content Tools

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