Guest BloggingI'm pretty sure I don't need to tell you why guest blogging is great. But if you need to hear it again, here it is: guest blogging is GREAT! It helps you to gain exposure and reach out to your target market. Done correctly, guest blogging can help you get the results that you want.

That's not to say that every blog you post should be a sales tactic of some sort. That would be wrong, and your blog posts would emit a stench that screams I'm really just a creepy sales letter in disguise! Buy what I want you to, now!

In fact, guest blogging is all about providing value to your readers. Remember guys, Content is King! The point is that when guest blogging, you provide so much value to your readers that they'd naturally regard you as an authority in your field, and hop right over to your corner of the internet each and every time.

Does this always happen in real life? Of course not, but if you follow some of the tips below, you will get more traffic, more engagement and people may just fall in love with your content and share it.

What to do?

Get People Engaged

Many believe that they just want more traffic their way. But is that all? Think about what it is that you actually want. What is your end goal? Leads, sales, email subscribers, social media shares you get the picture.

The point is to get your viewers to do something with your content. You know, a call to action. Make the conversation a two way one. Don't just talk to them, talk with them. Engage them. Woo them.

Audiences want to be stimulated. They want to learn. Today, searchers are savvy, they know what they are looking for, they want it now and they want advice. So talk with them, not at them. Give them a reason to drool over your content.

For example, to keep my audience engaged, I like to ask them to subscribe to my blog. That usually includes asking them to submit their contact information to access gated information, or join my newsletter list. The point is to keep your audience where you can hit them with more value. These leads over time will lead to sales, if you play your cards right.

Write Blog Posts That Don't Suck

Let's face it, most web content out there sucks. Don't be one of those people. Take your time to write engaging content. If you don't have something great to say, share someone else's but add some of your own narrative to stimulate conversation. Invest in a great writer, one that really knows how to get audiences going.

When planning your content, make sure the topic is relevant to your blog, the blog you are guest posting on, and one that your audience will find very interesting. Striking a fine balance between all three will ensure that you will get the results you want.

Here are some quick content tips:

-Look at the most popular posts of the blog you're guest posting on. See a trend? Look at what the most common topics are.

-Choose something that relates to your guest blog and your own. Bonus points if it is topics that have gotten a lot of reader love.

- Go through some of their latest posts (go back as far as 25) and see what has the most comments or shares.

Use this information in your pitch to the blog you want to guest post on. The editor or owner will be impressed.

Write Clear Calls to Action

I'm going to be brutally honest with you. If you don't provide an explicit reason for people to click on your link, they won't do so. It's silly to think you can just cross your fingers and hope that readers will head over to a random link you provide them.

Tell your readers what the next step is after they read your guest post and ask them to do so. Use that link you get with each blog post to your advantage.

And don't make it suck either. Not only do you need to tell your readers to do something, you need to spell out why in plain language. For example, if you're writing a blog post on social media and why it'll be good for brand exposure, ask readers to download a free ebook on 15 ways they can use Twitter to engage their audience so they can get more followers to spread word about new products.

Think benefits. Your call you action shouldn't just say who you are, but what results you can help them achieve.

Use Blog Commenting As Your Secret Weapon

It doesn't end after your guest post is published. Gosh no!

Don't forget to hang out in the comment section too. People who comment are obviously trying to get your attention, in one form or another. Now I'm not talking about keeping negative comments going. Rather, I'm encouraging you to engage with the very people who are consuming your content, those that you are likely to convert into brand enthusiasts or customers.

This is a time where you get to get to have fun conversations with your reader, to further drive engagement. Commenting on your guest blogs show that you're a real person who is willing to listen to readers. In fact, many people who take the time to comment expect a response. I dare you to scroll through some popular blogs out there and not find a comment or two that has people asking questions.

Obviously your time is valuable, so there is no need to reply to every single comment if you don't want to. If people leave comments saying thank you for the blog post or to simply say they like it, you can politely ignore those. But then again, if the point of it is to show that you care about your readers, there's no harm in replying with a simple you're welcome. The choice is yours.

However, people with questions you shouldn't ignore. Take this as your change to really let your brand shine. If people are asking questions, it means that they think you are the expert on whatever subject you're writing about. So go ahead and reply.

Better yet, include a call to action in your replies. Write something as simple as referring them to one of your links, or remind them that your free download can help with their problems would help direct traffic to your site, which in turn might convert them into customers down the line.

Providing Why not create a win-win situation where your readers get to learn something new, while you get targeted leads to your site?