Over the last month or so I've started working with a couple new clients. One project is a landing page that will be hosted on a partner's website and the other project is a landing page for paid search (PPC) traffic. One is in the payment processing industry and the other is employee recognition software. Despite how different they seemed on the surface, I noticed common themes between the projects. These common themes are a basic conversion optimization process that everyone can use.

Basic Conversion Optimization

  1. Determine a Single Focus
    While your homepage has to serve many purposes, landing pages and sub-pages can be very focused on what they are trying to accomplish, yet many of these pages have several, competing objectives. Look at this landing page from Scottrade:
    Scottrade Landing Page
    The call to action (CTA) in the main column is Apply Online, but the right sidebar has options to call, email, find a branch, login or a big, yellow "Open A New Account" button. But which one is the one they really want me to do?
  2. Message Match
    Ask yourself how someone would arrive at the page. Did they see a PPC ad? What did that ad say? Did they receive a direct mail piece? What did the mailer say? By matching the message from ad, mailer or previous page you avoid mental disconnect and keep the momentum that you've built up.
  3. Remove Roadblocks
    This is one of the hardest things for many businesses. They know their product inside out. They know all the cool features, all the customizations you should do, and what information will be helpful down the road. The problem is that they try to get a user to use/add it all right at the beginning.

    Your brand new user signing up for a free trial may not need to know about your newest feature that you built at the request of your oldest client. They probably just need to know about the features that your oldest client had when they signed up (probably a small subset of your current offering).

    And slim down those forms. Do you really need to know what country they're in when your software is only in English and there are no differences if they are in Luxemburg instead of Austria?

At the end of the day, your basic conversion optimization process should produce a single focus, message match from the previous touch point, and as few roadblocks as possible.

What else do you include in your conversion process?

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