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You now have the ability to subscribe to comments, which means that you can be notified when new comments are posted on any blog posts you've subscribed to. You'll find the checkbox to subscribe to a post's comments at the bottom of the comment box on each post. Once you've subscribed, you can manage your subscriptions if you want to change anything.

All of this is via a cool Subscribe to Comments WordPress plugin that I found today. How did I find this nifty little plugin? Well, do let me tell you, as I think it's a great way to illustrate the often circuitous route that we take as we surf the net. And just how useful a link can be. First I discovered on the Cre8asite Forums that DianeV has an interesting blog, and while reading that particular post, I traveled over to the ScriptyGoddess plugin page. If I hadn't scrolled down to the bottom of the comments, I wouldn't have known that there is an updated version of this plugin, so I rambled over to first this link, and then from there to the official place to get the newest version of the plugin.

So that's the route I took this morning on my way to enabling a cool new feature for you here on SEO Scoop. Links are the backbone of the internet, and we should always keep that in mind. In any case, please let me know if you find any problems with the new subscribe to comments feature. Enjoy.

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