It is day two at SES Toronto 2009 and the first session I am blogging about is an web analytic session, Campaign Performance Tracking.

If you have been following me yesturday you will remember my "So What" factor. Being a self proclaimed analytic junkie, this session had a tall order! And I have to admit that going into the session I was extremely skeptical that I was going to get any new sounds bites and came out pleasantly surprised.

Although there was nothing really new for me, each presenter did a great job in giving away wonderful pieces of info. That I know a good portion of the audience will adapt and be better for it.

Here is a recap of the session that outlines the essential basics of setting-up, tracking and optimizing any paid search campaign:
1. Understand and establish your camapign's KPIs
2. Segment your camapigns and users
3. Set-up a analytic program and track EVERYTHING!
4. Use many tools not just the adwords interface
5. Campare and adjust your camapigns
6. Manage your bids!

Janice Hatch from Google also reminded me about some very cool self help tools:
1. Google Search Base Tool
2. YouTube - Google Analytic Training Sessions

Stay tuned for more tools this afternoon. I hope to get some real gems from the "Tool Time" session.