confidenceI believe in you.

You can do it.

You can make something of your web site. You can improve your rankings. You can increase your traffic. You can convert more of your traffic.

Without a doubt.

I believe in you. I really believe in you.

You should do too. Don't let nothing hold you back.

The barrier in this game isn't analysis paralysis; it's Devaluation Disorder.

every step
don't take counts
It's that forum link you dont do because that's "just a forum link".

It's that social bookmark that was never made because it's "just one".

It's that comment that was never made because "it doesnt count".

In this game every step you didn't take? counts.

There's only so much you can read before it needs to be done and today, today is where that starts.

Find the best post on your site and share it on a social network. Stumble it. Bookmark it on Delicious.

Find an unanswered question on a forum, reach out and do try to help. Why miss another opportunity?

Reading how to do SEO won't get you there. Reading how to target your market won't get you there. Dismissing things because "they won't work" or "don't work good enough" won't get you there.

For all matter of purposes, doing something ineffective in an inefficient way is more effective than doing nothing at all.

If you didn't do something to promote your business online yesterday, if you didn't change a word on your site, if you didn't come up with an A/B test to run -- then today you can only improve. You can only do better.

Today you're going to be more effective. More efficient.

Today you're going to work on your own success.

I believe in you.

Without a doubt.