According to InsideGoogle, Froogle turned two this month, but is still in beta. Today is my birthday, and I am a bit older than 2, but I still consider myself in beta as well. Especially, my SEO self. SEO in many ways is like a product that is in perpetual beta. The tasks are never finished, the learning never stops, and even if your site makes it to that oh so coveted number one spot, you can never assume that it will stay there. Even if all your competition goes away, you could still lose your ranking due to any bizarre change in an algorithm. Once that happens, it is like starting all over again trying to decide what can be done to regain the favor of the search engines. So the wisdom of the day is that SEO is a lot like life - a never ending, always changing cycle of ups and downs, frustations and joys, learning and experiences. May you all be lucky in life and in your SEO quest.