Corporate blogging is a little like getting a new puppy. At first mention, ears perk up, eyes light up and tails start wagging -- in the case of blogging, it's tongues and fingers that wag. Actually, corporate blogging is a lot like getting a new puppy particularly when you find out it requires a little more time and attention that you may have first anticipated. The first couple of times you trot the corporate blog out, it's, well, kinda fun. And people notice. And some may even comment on it.

But a corporate blog gets older, fast. And it starts to look like every other blog on the street, noticing and paying attention to every little, tedious, mundane piece of minutae encountered.

Therein is the first lesson. You have to be a blog lover. If you don't love you blog it will become a chore. Don't do it.

Second lesson. It's not the blog that needs to be trained. It's usually the blog owner. Do yourself a favor and consider a blog coach.

A blog coach can get you up and running faster than WordPress or TypePad. A blog coach can explain not only why but how a blog can be integrated into your marketing strategy as a tool to reach out, remind and inform your customer base. A blog coach can help you gain audience and visibility. But by far the most value a blog coach can provide is in helping you find your voice. That perfect blend of information that is always current and perhaps tinged with the slightest or lightest air of humor or personality. In short, your blog coach can keep you from looking like a chihuahua trying to be a rottweiler.

The other key value proposition your coach will provide is how to manage your time with your blog. How often your blog should be trotted out. Where your corporate blog can go (Details of corporate achievements and industry events.) and where it probably shouldn't go (Details of the company Christmas party). All the bloggy basics.

So there you have it. Walking the blog. And blog coaching. If you'd like to find out more, contact us, we'd be happy to help with blog training.

Coach blogging, on the other hand is a very different thing. I could expound for hours about Tony Dungy, but I don't know a thing about hockey.

~ The (SEP) Guy

PS - I'm supposed to link a shout out to someone in every blog. Happy Birthday, Douggie!!!