Boldly Ask For A Vote

A few months ago, I suggested that you think like a blogger. I deliberately left the suggestion simple and vague, but I may have been a bit too vague. So, here's one more hint to help you understand my message.

Not everyone has a blog. Those who do, understand clearly the concept of working with social media and asking for votes (diggs, reddits, sphinns, stumbles, etc). You supply little icons at the end of each post so people can easily vote for the post, right?

But if you don't have a blog, you may not be utilizing these services and you should. You probably won't be placing the little icons on all your site's pages, like a blogger would do, but you can certainly pick and choose a few that would be social-media-worthy.

I've been experimenting with this on a standard old-school type of site. I chose a page that is fairly popular already, because it has the kind of information on it that people enjoy. I then added a simple line of text that says something to the effect of:

If you like this information, would you please consider stumbling it? All you have to do is click this little icon, or the link next to it. Thanks!

Don't be afraid to ask for the vote. Think like a blogger, even if you aren't one.

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