3 Surprising Reasons Branding Makes You a Better Writer


Everyone knows that branding is the cool, new marketing approach to get noticed online.

From old school advertising pros to today's trendiest business and marketing consultants, all conversations seem to be based on the importance of branding yourself.

Except, maybe you're with the many other business bloggers who are scratching their heads and wondering, what exactly is branding, again?

Is it a logo? Is it an advertising campaign? Is it a synonym for business? Do I really need a brand?

In the simplest explanation, a brand is an experience.

It is your customers perception of you and your value and the reason behind whether or not they will buy from you or your competition. A strongly positioned brand reveals what makes you different from everyone else, while tapping into the needs of your target audience.

Branding builds better businesses.

But did you know it also make you a better writer?

Here's how:

1. Branding Alleviates Your Writers Block.

Brand strategy starts by defining who you are, what you do, and for whom you do it. This includes the core topics, questions, and problems that are important to your target audience and how you are able to solve them.

Do it: Create a top 10 list of questions you are asked about your subject matter. You now have 10 articles you can write about!

2. Branding Magnetizes Your Readers.

Once you've uncovered the core problems of your audience, you are able to go a step further and determine their emotional triggers (what they want and what is holding them back). This is critical to writing compelling content, especially headlines that get noticed.

Do it: Write the headline of your next article. Does it address the end result of what your audience wants and/or a common problem they have?

3. Branding Solidifies Your Voice.

Strong brands have personalities that are consistent across all marketing channels. In addition to the visual elements, writing tone helps communicate the style and personality of your brand.

Do it: On a sticky note, write down one word to describe the personality of your brand (professional, snarky, playful, casual, conservative, etc.) and tape it to the top of your computer screen to serve as a reminder when you are writing.

Branding makes your content more engaging and that ultimately makes you a better writer.

Do you struggle with writer's block, attracting readers, or finding your voice? This week, focus the corresponding step above.

Keep the conversation flowing there are endless reasons why branding makes you a better writer. If you've got more reasons or extra ideas to add, leave a comment below.

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