Hiring strong talent for your company is vital to ensuring its survival and successful growth. Often finding the right person is almost more important than qualifications or years of experience.

There are the 3 Ps I look for in a team member:


First and foremost any new team member has to fit well into your existing company. Personality is such a big factor in this. When the going gets tough, you need someone with the inner strength to carry on going, but you also need someone who you can get on with. Great teams are always made up with people from different backgrounds, but with a common passion for getting the job done. If any of you have worked in a company that feels more like a gang then youll know exactly what I mean by this.


When it comes down to business, your staff have to be able to get on with the task at hand. Of course youll need to lend support, get things moving and be on hand to solve any issues as they arise. However, on the whole you need to be able to leave people to get the job done. Finding someone with a great work ethic is almost as good as finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Delegation is one of the biggest business skills required, but that relies on employing people who get s*%t done!


Finally, none of this will be any good unless your new team member produces the right results for you. Unfortunately some people will be really easy to get on with, and really keen to get stuck in; but if the end result doesnt meet the productivity you require then its not going to work out. As a business owner or manager, you will probably have a good idea of what you need to gain from each member of staff. Set realistic targets and carefully monitor them to ensure that the productivity of your staff remains at the appropriate level.