When we wanted to check some usernames and navigated to the excellent CheckUserNames.com we found we were redirected to KnowEm.

Michael Streko quickly put us in the know.


What is KnowEm about?

We wanted to be able to create a site that would be an all in one sitefor checking where your username was registered.

The original site was called "CheckUsernames.com" which got a great response. The month of March we had over 125k people check to see if their usernames were registered.

We wanted to better the service so the talented team at ITCN put their heads together and started working on a service to signup people for all 120 sites.

To secure my brand I want two own accounts on all of these. From signup to email confirmation and all, working back-to-back that would take about a day to get listed. That's a lot of man-hour money there.

That is why we are happy to do it for you.

We offer a signup service that actually registers your username / brand across all of these sites for only $64.95 which works out to around 50 cents per sign up. We found this price to be the best that we could do in the current economy and still let people see it as a valuable service.

But if a company wants to communicate with its customer base none of these services might actually match its niche, right?

We have a subscription service which lets you customize a profile and tell us what site types / genres that you want to target.

Then every month we find other sites that would fit your genre or demographic and sign you up to them also.

KnowEm could easily be used for the purpose of brand protection?

We believe that usernames & vanity URLS are becoming the new "cyber squatting".

We have seen numerous times on Twitter, MySpace and other popular sites where a popular brand name or company name will be taken for a vanity URL. Would you want some one taking your brand name and then going onto a site and talking trash to the members? I didn’t think so.

Dave Q

With our services we are going to do our best to end such issues. It’s a small investment for something that could possibly turn into a long term problem.

So all in all, who are you aiming at here; small business, large corporations? And almost more important, is the social web about to lose yet another free service?

We are aiming at the everyday web user who wants to make sure that someone doesn’t take their identity and then possibly mess up there SERPS to corporations who want to be sure they are signed up for a site as quick as possible when it is released.

Our free service is still alive and always will be. You are more then welcome to sign yourself up for all of the sites.

We just wanted to give agencies, individuals & corporations the ability to have us do it for you. If you have the man power or the resources then go for it!

If you don't want to deal with wasting the time, then we are here to help you out.