I’m known by many of my Twitter followers, first and foremost, for tweeting some of the stupid mistakes that job seekers make while sending their resume to my employer.

Why do I do this? People find humor to be endearing and like all marketers, I’m interested in getting people’s attention. Most people who follow me know that I’m working the classic “humor hook” by taking part of my daily routine that could easily be considered drudgery and casting it in a palatable light. However, I’ve encountered a few people who haven’t quite understood the motivations behind my tweets.


(… Sorry Stephanie…I like you but I need to use your tweet to set up the point of my post…)

You see, behind the comedy lies a much more serious motivation for why I tweet thusly.

Much of someone’s success in life is predicated upon being able to communicate well in the situation that they’re facing. People who can’t do this can’t achieve their personal and professional goals.

It’s pretty well known that in most sectors outside our search marketing bubble, the employment situation is pretty poor. Lots of quality individuals are losing their jobs and the economic situation is making it difficult for them to find a comparable position…which makes it all the more critical that the job candidate do everything possible to cast themselves in the best possible light. And despite everything, I see on a daily basis crap like this:


There are plenty of news stories on a daily basis about the struggles of people in the current economy but they all focus on macroeconomics. There is no mention of the personal factors that might be contributing to an individuals’ plight. The great majority of the job seekers I encounter have one or more factors hindering them from their success and most of these are directly or indirectly related to their ability to communicate effectively and appropriately.

So, if you’re somebody who isn’t getting employed / linked / laid / dugg / followed / friended / retweeted, chances are that the responsible party is staring back at you when you look into the mirror. One would think that after a continued period of failure, people would realize that their approach isn’t working and would be compelled to try something new. However, there are people who have been sending me 10+ identical resumes a month every month for more than 2 years. Clearly, they don't get it. The ground rules of my job prevent me from saying anything more than “please” and “thank you” to these people…however, my Twitter followers know how I perceive these colossal job search failures. The worst of these folks really do need a “virtual slap” to set them on the right path because just in their most mundane communication with me, I can already portend their future as it pertains to their job search.

Yeah, I’m a bit of a hard-ass but ultimately, I care a great deal for these folks. If my tweets have gotten people to think carefully about their professional communications, I’ve given solid value to my followers.