Lets be honest. Guest blogging for link building is often an unfair game for copywriters. We spend hours coming up with the most creative, high quality content we can, only to sell it for a link. We know what were getting into when we start the article. We know this is part of the game when we enter into writing for this business. None of this changes the fact that the methodology is potentially outdated. Very often copywriters find that link building forces our hands as we are under pressure to get a power link rather than find the best place to publish our content. It isnt ideal for creativity or fulfillment. But is there any other way?

Well yes. But the system has to change.

On a recent day of research I spent some time negotiating the waters of media databases. The research itself rendered me excited by the prospect of engaging with journalists, editors, and high profile bloggers but it also left me wondering how to incorporate such a tool into our SEO copywriting strategies.

Incorporating Media Databases and Editorial strategies to SEO copywriting could help create a more powerful content initiative which could in turn alter the guest blogging and article writing game.

Here are some ways shooting for higher quality article marketing will change SEO for the better:

It asks more from copywriters. If were given more time to truly craft articles, which we will need if shooting for higher brow publications, the art of writing becomes less slanted toward the link. Obviously the link is still important, but aiming higher means the playing field between top notch writing skills and a high power link building becomes much more even.

It creates relationships. Getting connected with freelance writers, influential journalists, editors, and bloggers isnt just great for link building. Its also great for our clients and our companies. Additionally, solid relationships create a portal which is ever moving back and forth. We become more of a communication and brand aiding machine rather than merely a link vortex.

Content really gets to be King. While onsite copy has already earned its stripes, guest blogging for link building purposes continues to be a sometimes shady game, which doesnt always concern itself with high quality content. Aiming for high profile publications such as newspapers and magazines creates a higher bar for content to meet. This in turn could mean our content can truly reach royal levels and have a positive return for our clients.

PR, SEO, and brand awareness join hands. Its not necessarily that we all join up at a campfire to sing a collective kumbaya, but greater integration of media, and industry is only going to be helpful for everyone involved. SEO cant help but be connected to PR and visa versa. If a brand isnt known or respected, then no matter how high that site is on Google, the clicks arent going to come.

Admittedly, I am still in a stage of research and discussion so I cannot report on the full benefits of Media Databases for SEO purposes. However, from what I have seen so far, it does seem that further integration and partnership between mediums and organizations can only be beneficial for copywriter satisfaction and motivation and for all clients and companies involved.