Good content is worth its investment.

Good content comes with words and phrases regular people use to find the type of things you sell. It's rich and valuable so people don't want to lose it; they bookmark it in their browser, some even online via services like Delicious. Some who bookmark it in their browser use Google Chrome. Their bookmarks might sync with their Google Account so Google can take note of who engaged where with what.

Rich content is unique so you want to share it with your friends, forward it to your family, reference it. You post it on Facebook, Tweet it, email it, blog it -- and it becomes part of the social graph, integrates with real time search, is tracked and trackbacked.

Shared content reaches far; it arrives with the added value of a recommendation by friend or family member. Repeated, it forms the sparks of recognition, the seed of brand building. Grass roots.

Arrived, it is read and consumed, printed and devoured.

Because your content entices, lures, sells. It shows and shows off. Promises and delivers. It's sexy, sweet and fragrant ...and makes you want to come back for more, better, longer, harder...