How good is your content strategy? Are you sure?

So many companies think they have a strong content strategy until they actually start looking at it. It's really not done on purpose, however. In many instances, it's simply not being aware of the full range of benefits quality content has. Then, you need to consider who each of those pieces of content are aiming at, what style, and what type they are. Finally, you need to look at what their purpose is and whether or not they're achieving that efficiently or not.

Content Strategy and the Benefits of Great Content


Benefits Of Content

Of course you can use content to strengthen your rankings for certain terms. No surprise there. Link back to your most important pages, host the content on the same page, or host it on the next step down in your architecture.

Then, there's content-based link building. Use distribution methods for articles, white papers, reports, interviews, RSS feeds, and more. Personally, I prefer a placement method. I seek out good links on associated websites and blogs and offer them free content in exchange for a link.

What about associated terms? Content and the methods mentioned above are ideal for taking advantage of the latest hot topics and terms in your industry and related ones too. Then, you have synonym and associated terms to consider too.

If you want to create a buzz or generate interest in a certain topic, you'll want to make sure you have the content to back it up as well. For instance, let's say I need some buzz content. So, I come up with a fun and interesting post that's never really been done before. It pulls the right emotions, gets people talking about my company, and visiting my site.

If my site were in need of some good links, I would create a post revealing how a shady company takes advantage of copywriters and host it on a well-known Internet marketing blog. To back it up, I'll make certain there is fresh content on my blog as well as other related posts on my own site and strengthen my point of view.

Content Strategy Is Like a Campaign Strategy


A Custom Content Strategy

Before you get too carried away making content and throwing it out in the wild, you need to assess what you already have, what it's accomplishing, and where you're falling short. Otherwise, it's like throwing money out of a car window and hoping some of it makes it to the bank.

Start with your onsite content and continue on through your offsite content. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of each, then decide where you need to improve. To do that, I use an Excel sheet as a Content Strategy Audit Workbook (right click, save as) that I've included here for you to download and use yourself.

Happy content creating!