Creating Interactive Content On A Budget

Infographics are dead. Did you hear that one?

Static blog post content is so 2009. I assume you got the memo about that one...surely?

Interactive content is pretty big at the moment. There appears to be a bit of a misunderstanding though. People seem to think that it can be done unless you are Coca Cola or some other massive global brand.

That simply isnt true. You can produce some forms of interactive content with a smaller budget and a bit of creativity

  • An image that is more than a simple picture
  • A map that you can actually interact with

These are forms of content that will actually engage your visitors. With a bit of promotion and smart outreach these are the forms of content than can actually get you real shares and links.

Im talking:

  • Infographics
  • Timelines
  • Images
  • Data Visualisation
  • Maps



Infogram is free and a quick way to add extra visual interest to your blog posts with data. They pitch the concept as creating interactive infographics but for me it is more like enriching your blogging with interactive graphs.

There is no coding involved. You simply upload your data and you can add great images to your site like these:


Tableau Public

Tableau is a great piece of software for visualising data. The issue is, its quite expensive. What a lot of people dont know is that they have a light version of the software that is absolutely free - Tableau Public.

If you have some solid data to visualise it will help you build things like these to embed on your site:



Integrative infographic are quite popular at the moment. They also are out of the budget of you average businesses budget. That doesnt mean you cant produce a low cost version yourself.

Thinglink allows you to create interactive graphics for your site that will set you apart from the competition:


Timelines are a great way to easily build interactive content for your site. Below you will find three examples of content built on timeline software - no coding involved - and free!

No matter what niche you are in there is always going to be some content that you can build around timelines. It is incredibly simple as well. With Timeline JS you simply upload your data to a Google Doc and you have your timeline to embed! Take some care in the presentation (images, videos, links etc. and you have a great piece of content that cost you next to nothing to create!)

Timeline JS




Maps are another great way to quickly create exciting interactive content for your site or blog. Maps are great content for most niches - simple to build and useful for your visitors.


View Example Map in a full screen map

Incredibly simple to use and a little more aesthetically pleasing than Google Maps, you simply take the data and past into the interface. Take the embed code and pop the maps into your content or blog posts.


Mapbox is going to take you a little bit longer to get your head round and is probably for the people who have a bit more time on their hands. I have included it on the list because you can build amazing pieces of content like this one below for next to nothing:


Just because something looks like it is going to be complicated or expensive doesn't mean that it is!

Give some of these tolls a go and see how you can create some content that sets you apart form your closest competition.

About the Author: Wayne Barker

I work for Boom Online - an Online Marketing and SEO company based in Nottingham, England.

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