Almost every business owner understands the importance of having a website that looks professional and up-to-date. However, many businesses are still behind the curve when it comes to having a professional Google+ page. Google+ is offering increasing options for local internet marketing, making it possible for businesses to stand out from the crowd by using innovative social media strategies to create an engaged audience. With a newly updated layout and 41 extra features for streams, hangouts, and photos, Google+ has become a must for modern businesses. If you aren't already on the social media networking site bandwagon, it's time to get started.


Why you need to pay attention to Google+ pages for local internet marketing

Investing in a personalized Google+ page for your business does more than offer a few extra features that can be utilized by business owners. The options for creativity and increased functionality for users can make your social media marketing campaign take off like never before. In addition to having a more visually pleasing ascetic design, businesses should include the following on their business pages to further build their brand and encourage an engaged audience.

6 simple ways to make your business' Google + page better

  1. Create a memorable picture that goes above and beyond your logo
  2. Create a custom welcome page
  3. Make your photo strip different and memorable; think of how you can have it add more value to brand recognition than basically having a collage of photos
  4. Utilize new Google+ features to improve usability and function
  5. Engage your audience by running a contest or hosting an event

In short, get creative and go for it

Your audience can easily find attractive and engaging social media campaigns to engage in. In this case, think outside of the standard page. Custom pages can give your social media campaign the edge it needs to set itself apart from the crowd. Each of the new 41 features on Google+ is geared towards the benefit of its users. Set your business apart from the rest by embracing new features on social media networking sites for businesses.

One of the best parts about local internet marketing on Google+ is that technology can be used as a canvas instead of a set platform that takes niche expertise to change. Put your brand and business out there for customers and potential customers to see and engage with you. The only way to guarantee a lack of success is if you do not try something new and different.