and it seems  you cant move up the ranks of search engine results without getting social. 

The May/June 2011 issue of the MIT Technology Review Magazine published a list of Top Ten Emerging Technologies that will impact everyones daily life.  As a working mom I am hopeful the folks in Cambridge will announce the development of robots who serve dinner; but MITs Top Emerging Technology is Social Indexing!

What is Social Indexing? SEO Consultant Jeff Howard defines it as,  the concept of compressing data from networks like Twitter and Facebook then turning out that data into meaningful tools to help organize websites by popularity and relevance.  In other words the more Tweets, Likes or +1d your content receives could earmark your site as relevant and popular, thus giving it a search engine boost.

Now it is our opportunity to get our websites and blogs ready for any potential algorithm changes that could be coming our way.

Four Easy Steps

Here are four easy steps to get yourself into the game:

  1. Make it easy for your readers to share your content.  I recommend The Facebook Like Button for Dummies or Facebook Comments, WordPress Plugins because they are easy to install.  For Twitter the TweetMeme button is a popular choice.
  2. Ask.  Simply, if you found this interesting I would appreciate you sharing it with your tribe. (not as stressful as finding a date to the Junior Prom now is it?)
  3. Be generous with your own Likes / Tweets / Comments (note: not extravagant; massive contributing, Liking and re-Tweeting will diminish your credibility).  If you come across a piece of information that is helpful or interesting, Like it, Tweet it, or leave a quick comment (with a link back to your own site).  Potentially you could catch the attention of the author and they very well may begin to reward your efforts with similar Likes, Tweets and comments.
  4. Pay attention to Bing.  Bing and Facebook have aligned forces and have recently launched a major campaign, Bing and Decide with Your Friends.

Set up your infrastructure by getting your site ready, start putting yourself out there and watch your popularity grow.