One of the latest link building strategies is to utilize social bookmarking sites such as digg and to post your story. These sites have a multitude of daily traffic and refers a great deal of visitors to a site, especially if the story or headline is interesting. Although some of the links are not valued highly in search engines, the traffic will indirectly link to your site if your content is interesting.

I came across this easy to follow video that allows you to see the power of social bookmarking and how it makes web pages easy to remember, organize and share.

Most social networks have a high PageRank with Google, and they are being spidered on daily basis. This allows for your content to be indexed faster and, as a result, your content can be seen in a timely manner.

When all is said and done SEO is just a series of strategies to make sure your website gets the most traffic it possibly can. Social bookmarking can offer a quick fix and an instant flow of traffic and inbound links that will help increase your PageRank and search engine rankings.