I do.

I'm relatively new at this company and I have those moments where I feel pretty clueless. It's the little things. Remembering to set the alarm but forgetting to turn out the lights. (The last thing I was told was and don't forget to set the alarm.) Right. Got it. Set the alarm. Set the alarm. New guy moment. Singular focus out of that need to get it right.

We all want to make our mark, especially when we're new. And we try desperately hard not to step on toes. Doesn't always work.

Eventually you worry a little less about getting it perfect the first time. And you worry even less about getting it wrong. There's always a learning curve and frustration is a natural part of that in the first weeks.

I like my job. I like being a part of a company that thinks and creates things for a living. A company that seeks to partner with its clients and has to stay on top of industry trends and the next big thing, sometimes having to settle for the next best thing.

Business 2.0 has a great article today: 25 Start-Ups To Watch. Well worth the read.

New kids on the block.

Some will fail. Some will succeed.

Some, I'm sure, will even remember to turn out the lights and set the alarm.

~ The (SEP) Guy