So I was snooping aroiund YouTube to see what information I could find about Windows 7, when I came across this video of Construction Mike managing his day to day with a myriad of various informational and communication devices, all apparently loaded up with Windows 7.

 While I found most of the devices to be soooooo cool and I want them, I have difficulty actually imagining people from most industries, let alone the construction industry, investing in the number of gadgets per employee that Mike had the good fortune to use in his daily routine.

Okay, okay, it was not the point that everything is so affordable that the video was trying to make.  The point it was trying to make was how easy it wuld be to join together all of one's gizmos and gadgets, from computing on your laptop, desktop, or mobile device to managing your home security and Global Positioning System.  In fact, another YouTube video I checked out showed some of the business applications (and more way cool equipment) that the new Windows 7 software can join together.

So after looking at these YouTube videos of Windows 7, is anyone still wondering how Microsoft is planning on taking on the lion's share of search as well?  It would be my observation that if operating systems are moving toward production level work on the equipment with profiles and working documents all saved online, and with a built-in search functionality sitting everywhere, it wouldn't take too long to become the more popular search choice by mere convenience.  This would also fulfill the Bill Gates statement I referred to in my last post where Bill says that they have a strategy for competing in the search space that Google currently dominates today, and that they'll pursue what they had before they made the Yahoo offer, and that joining with Yahoo would have merely accelerated their plans.  It all involves breakthrough engineering.

I wonder what kind of patches will come with such a Windows project!  I also wonder what evolution will transpire in the overall world of search, and by it's very virtue, the world of Paid Search!

Let me know what you think!  The vids are a touch hokey, but the application sand gadgets are pretty cool.  (Hey Jeff, you need some more of these things for your office!)


The Doug

aka Doug Gebhardt