With recent revolutions in marketing, even small to mid-sized companies can drive momentous amounts of traffic to their websites. If you have just launched your website and its virtually invisible within cyberspace, you should try some of these strategies to increase your visibility:

- Rethink Your Keywords

Your content may be pertinent, succinct, and reflective of your brand, but if you dont take advantage of key word optimization then your content may never reach the eyes of potential customers or clients. You should be spending a great deal of time identifying the perfect keywords for your brand. After identifying primary keywords, find your 6-10 secondary keywords to supplement your primary keywords. Tools like Google Adwords, Google Insights, or SEO plugins can help you develop keywords for free (though you should depend solely on your own intellect to dictate which will be successful).

- Link Building Through Article Marketing

With the Google Panda update, many marketers had to change their link building strategy to more content-rich and higher quality articles, without the help of online directories. Though this makes it harder on those who want to use link building to drive traffic to their website, article marketing is still one of the most effective ways to gain a name in cyberspace. Write informational articles and contact everyone from blog owners to web masters, requesting to place your article on their site. This mutual exchange can be a highly effective marketing tool.

- Email Marketing

Once you have driven a moderate number of people to your website, email marketing techniques can supplement your already growing number of visitors. Include a contact us form in your website to begin creating a contacts list. With this list you can build relationships and establish trust with various clients.