Having a website is easy; driving traffic can be difficult and few manage to generate consistent amounts of traffic.

When asked about the best source of traffic, the majority of social media marketing "guru's" said Twitter is the best source of traffic.

But you can't drive traffic by just having a Twitter account and tweeting once in a while only. Here are the some of the best practices to become a Twitter power user.

  1. Complete your profile
  2. Use a good profile picture
  3. Tweet at least 5 to 10 times a day until you find your own sweet spot
  4. Use links in your tweets
  5. Use different types of content in your tweets like quotes, links, pictures etc.
  6. Consistent tweeting matters
  7. If you tweet regarding an event use a # tag
  8. Give credit whenever possible by adding a user's Twitter handle
  9. Use Twitter's search to find questions regarding your niche and answer them
  10. Twitter is a conversation; connect with like minded people using @ replies
  11. Don't over-promote yourself; most recommend using a 1:9 ratio
  12. Ask questions
  13. Use tools like www.wefollow.com to find new followers
  14. Engage with people; more engagement, more followers
  15. Promote your Twitter account on your blog, website and other social networks
  16. Follow Twitter power users in your niche and learn the best practices
  17. Retweet other people; everyone likes to be pampered
  18. There are plenty of tools and apps to enhance your Twitter experience; I like Hootsuite and Buffer

What is your best source of social media marketing traffic? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.