Go Green | Recyclable QR Codes | Dynamic QR CodesYes, you can now "go green" with recyclable QR codes! With more and more people using smartphones, the scanning of QR codes is on the rise. ScanLife, one of the most popular QR code reader apps, reported in a recent interview with Loyalty360 that they are now processing 5.5-6 million scans per month versus 1.5-3 million scans per month a year ago. The total number of QR codes that are scanned monthly are not currently available, but with ScanLife being just one of over 1,000 QR code readers, the numbers must be staggering. I've certainly done my part in contributing to those numbers as it's hard for me to pass a QR code without scanning!

So, what makes a QR code recyclable?

There are basically two types of QR codes - static and recyclable (also known as dynamic QR codes).

Static QR codes are considered to be static because the link that they are directed to cannot be changed. They are what we refer to as disposable QR codes. An example of using a static QR code would be if you were having a one-time event. You might have the code send users to a pdf file with the event details. Once that event was over, the code would be useless because it was directed to the details of that one event and you wouldn't be able to change the details and use the code over again.

Recyclable QR codes (dynamic QR codes) can be used over and over again. What makes them recyclable is that the code is linked to a mobile landing page. The owner of the recyclable QR code can login to the dashboard of that mobile landing page and make changes to the page whenever they want. So, the QR code originally generated for that mobile landing page can be used over and over again.

Save the planet with recyclable QR codes!

QR Codes on Business Cards

Add recyclable QR codes to your business card and all your printed marketing materials.

Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration. However, if you choose to use recyclable QR codes over the static kind for your printed marketing materials such as business cards, brochures, flyers, etc, they are eco-friendly and will save your business money when it comes to printing expenses. By adding a recyclable QR code to all of your printed pieces, you now have the ability to easily, with the scan of their smartphone, bring potential customers online to anywhere you want to direct them. For example, if you have a weekly special offer, users can scan your business card (or brochure, flyer, postcard mailer, any printed piece) and click on the Special Offer button and make their purchase right from their smartphone. You simply update your special offer each week from your QR codes dashboard. Instead of having to create and buy new brochures every week, you use the same marketing pieces and just update the info on your mobile landing page.

Features to look for in a recyclable QR code

  • Dashboard access 24/7 - you need to be able to access your dashboard whenever you want
  • Analytics - track the number of times the code was scanned and from what type of device
  • Contact Button - potential customers can email you
  • Call Button - they can call you with the touch of a button
  • Geo tracking - see the location the code was scanned right down to the street view
  • Fully customizable - customize the look & feel of your mobile landing page
  • Mobile coupons - create mobile coupons that can be shared via social networks
  • Videos - add videos to your mobile landing page
  • Clickable images - users can click on images and directed to links
  • Event manager - users register and pay for events from their smartphone
  • Buy Now - users can make purchases from their smartphone
  • Donations - customers can donate to special causes
  • Social Networks - users can click to go to your social network profiles

Which businesses are good candidates for recyclable QR codes?

Honestly, I cant think of a business that would not benefit from using recyclable QR codes. Any business that uses a business card is a good candidate for a recyclable QR code. Here are a couple of excellent uses for recyclable QR codes - one for realtors and one for restaurant owners


Scenario #1 - I'm in the market for a new home. I'm driving down the street when I see the cutest Key West style house (that's the kind that I love) with your For Sale sign out in the front yard. The house is just perfect so I pull into the driveway and walk through the wet dewy grass in my heels and open up the Take One tube only to be disappointed because there are no more flyers in the tube (the curious neighbors already took them all). Oh well...it's probably out of my price range anyway, I think to myself as I get in my car and continue on to my destination forgetting all about the house.

Recyclable QR Code for Realtors | Dynamic QR CodeScenario #2 " Exactly the same as Scenario #1 except instead of being disappointed about no flyers left, I'm very happy because when I scanned the dynamic QR code that you had on your sign, It took me to a very user friendly mobile landing page. On that landing page you had a button for me to click and see the listing info which was in my price range. You had another button for me to click on which took me to a video tour of your listing. I was so excited that the home was in my price range and after watching the video I was then able to easily call you just by clicking on your call button. After we spoke and schedule a showing, I clicked on your email button and sent my contact info with the touch of a button.

Restaurant owners

My husband and I just got seated at an outside table at your cafe when I spot a QR code on a table tent inviting me to scan it to see how I can get a free appetizer. When I scan the code, I'm immediately taken to a beautiful mobile landing page with some choices. One is a button to Like your Facebook page and claim my free appetizer. Another is a button to leave a review on your Google+ Local page or your Yelp page. I'm also able to click on a button to view your menu and download your APP. Wow, I'm impressed! Not only did I get a free appetizer, I also downloaded your APP and now I'll be notified of any future specials you'll be running.

How will you go green with recyclable QR codes?

These are just two examples of how recyclable QR codes can help your business. By now, your head is probably spinning with the possibilities of using recyclable QR codes for your own business. Hope you have fun with QR codes and we welcome your ideas, comments and questions.

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