chatting in a store
When running an ecommerce site, you may find yourself in a position where you arent adding content on a regular basis. As many marketers know, Google loves content, and the way to get new visitors every day is by adding content to your site. So what if you have an ecommerce site that does not have a blog? With the ability to create an ecommerce site on WordPress, you can now have both a blog and storefront all in one site with ease. While other ecommerce platforms may allow you to add a blog to your template or files, choosing WordPress is a quicker and simpler way for those who are less technically inclined or who do not have the time to fiddle around with things.

Setting up a blog will allow you to share new products that you have reviewed, any recalls, or new products you are thinking of stocking. You can post about how certain products are created, what happens in shipping, the benefits of buying online, or whatever you think would benefit your customers when they stop by to visit.

Adding a blog to your site allows you to not only benefit from the SEO built into WordPress itself, but you can also easily optimize each page for long tailed keywords that searchers may be looking for online. This is a great way to share unique, useful content at the same time rank well on the search engines. It also enables you to have content that other sites may link to.

Having a blog as part of your ecommerce setup enables you to interact with your customers. They get to see theres a real person running the business and learn to trust what you are saying. For many, quality customer service and a person they can like and trust can trump price when deciding to buy.

With a blog, you can encourage your customers to get involved. You can tell them you will post their reviews or comments about the products they purchased, or perhaps offer contests or discount coupons to the customer with the best review. If the additional customer reviews bring in more sales for you, why not reward your customers. This becomes a fun opportunity for both your customers and yourself, and a way for you to really relate on a more personal level.

By adding a blog to your site, you can let your creativity flow and find ways to attract and keep your customers on a daily or weekly basis. You can drive more traffic and increase your overall sales throughout the year with a free method of marketing that is easy and stress free.