Keeping track of what to post and when can be tricky. If not done properly it results in your website not being updated consistently. Use an editorial calendar to keep track of your web posts and you are able to maintain a dynamic website. If your company also deals with newsletters, press releases, trade magazines and has a blog, an editorial calendar is a life saver.

An editorial calendar is a place to keep track of everything that has to do with publishable work, from concept to finished product. You can keep track of everything from brainstorming sessions to keywords that you want to use in each blog post or article. It can be as simple as pen and paper to jot the information down but may be more efficient when created using a spreadsheet or software.

Planning is everything when it comes to a successful business;  your online content is no different.

Use an editorial calendar in conjunction with your marketing department to optimize upcoming promotions or sales. Schedule teaser posts that hint at upcoming events. Now you know ahead of time what posts will go up when, you can also schedule tweets and Facebook posts to make the most of your social media accounts without the need to spend a lot of time on each site.

By scheduling times to brainstorm and write content and keeping track of whos doing what when, there wont be any conflicts. Everything is laid out clearly and people know 100% what they are supposed to be working on and when each aspect of the project is to be completed.

You can also use your editorial calendar to keep track of whats working and whats not working on your company website or blog. If you have a certain type of post scheduled on Tuesdays but traffic is down, you can revisit the idea and try to come up with a better one. On the flip side, if hits to your site go through the roof on a particular day, you can go back through your editorial calendar and see if you did anything different along the way for that days post.

In todays business world, the smallest things can mean the difference between mediocrity and brilliance. Using something as simple as an editorial calendar to plan and schedule all of your blog posts and press releases can put you ahead of the crowd and help your company market itself the best way possible.