Email marketing is a great way to accomplish a broad range of goals. From building awareness for a product to boosting attendance for an event, it can be extremely effective at helping you meet your objectives. No one can deny that email marketing is a powerful tool, but it is better utilized year round, or on a seasonal basis? While the right answer depends on your specific needs, this article will focus on the benefits of using these services year round.

Its Affordable


Now from a price perspective, using email services seasonally would definitely be the most cost effective option. With that said, the cost of sending an actual email is so cheap, that these services are generally cost effective all around. How can we draw such a conclusion? Because many of the costs associated with traditional marketing tactics are automatically eliminated. There is no need to shell out money for paper, printing, postage, and several other aspects businesses must cover when using methods like direct mail. So while you may end up paying more in the long run, the fact email marketing is such an affordable tool is pretty much enough to close out this part of the debate.

It Keeps You Connected to Your Audience


Seasonal marketing campaigns are great, but what happens when the season comes to a close? Will you really be able to pick things back up and reconnect with your audience again next year? Its possible, but losing some of your audience during the time lapse is what is more likely to happen. By taking up email marketing on a yearly basis, you can stay connected to your audience at all times and reach out whenever you have something to say. Worried about things getting redundant? There is no need to because the right email services will allow you to communicate with your audience through newsletters, promotions, company updates, and a variety of other message formats.

It Helps You Build Relationships


Making email marketing a year round venture comes with plenty advantages. The biggest and most significant is the ability it provides to build relationships with your audience. Although being able to sell your subscribers a product or service is great, building meaningful relationships with them is much better. The more you communicate with your audience, the more they will come to trust you over time. With that trust comes loyalty, and with that loyalty comes dedicated customers who not only do business with you on a regular basis, but also recommend your business to others. When you are building these type of relationships, you know you are doing well with your email marketing.
Like we said, the choice between year round and seasonal email services is dependent on what you require. And although you may not have the need to run a campaign every week, we think you will find that having access to these services at all times is the best way to go.