Facebook App Development – Step One: The Idea


Where your Facebook page has to be exhaustively maintained just to be able to get those few hundred "Likes", a game or application can get you a thousand likes within a matter of days. International brands, small business, online entrepreneurs, developers, gamers are all aggressively launching into this platform to get their share of glory through a facility that promises to build brand power and brand loyalty provided it lives up to the user's expectations.

Here's a comprehensive guide on how you can integrate an awesome Facebook application into your next online marketing venture. This guide is broken into three parts respectively; with this one dealing with the basic idea, the second with the process of development and the third on what makes a Facebook app viral and popular.

Do I Need An App And Can I Afford One?

If you want to provide customers with a service they would love to use, a Facebook app does it best. Considering that the average person spends an hour a day on Facebook, with more than a 100 friends connected over 80 pages, more than 20 million apps downloaded a day; you are in for some beefy exposure. These very users will promote and make your brand or service viral if you have something that stirs their interest and their friend's interest. That something is the "idea" of your Facebook app.

You don't need to be a brand or a large scale business to have an app. You could be a small business or even an online entrepreneur to have an app running because all you need is the development cost. An application developed by a professional, authentic, experienced app development company can cost you $1,000 and beyond, depending upon the size, concept and usability of the application.

Benefits Of A Facebook Application:

Your personally owned app can work wonders if you get it right. Need to know a list of benefits before you invest in this love affair? Here you go.

Reaching Out to a Multitude of Millions: Your app will be played by people - globally. Out of an estimate 100 million people who will be using the application, you can have at least 10K customers who can turn out to be potential clients. You see, business opportunities are limitless if you know how to position your app cum web marketing strategies.

Receiving Recognition and Brand Following: Zynga is now a household name in social media gaming. Before Facebook, nobody really knew about this prestigious group. What happens now? They are world leaders of the industry. Brand empowerment through Facebook is not limited to game developers; corporate organizations and small businesses too can receive this taste of glory. Imagine those people using your app and promoting you, your business and your application. Isn't it a powerful, cost effective strategy to build brand loyalty? Could you have done it so easily before the advent of social media and social media applications?

A Passive Income for Online Entrepreneurs: You may have noticed Facebook games (a form of entertainment applications) provoking a user to buy virtual credits with real money to unlock further levels. This is a monetization strategy that can make you a rich entrepreneur provided your game is highly addictive and your application is helpful enough to make the user want to spend.

Drive Traffic to Your Website: A Facebook app can be the pathway that brings a high level of traffic to your website; quite a blessing for small businesses and e-commerce entrepreneurs. Users are almost always curious to know more about the company whose app they are using. This curiosity is what will drive them to you, so your website should be downright awesome too. Do not set about creating an app without already having a strong website running - it can brutally backfire.

Ideal for Customer Engagement Strategies: Combined with a Facebook page, you can get a high level of customer engagement provided you come up with interesting activities such as a Facebook photo contest, a sweepstake application, a poll and many other such strategies.

So Who's Going To Be Responsible For The Development?

You will have to hire a professional, experienced app developer, however, with the influx of developers out there, this may require you to do some digging and research before you decide to get in touch with one. So with every one of them out there claiming to be awesome, how do you choose the most beautiful of them all? Simply by following three indicators:

A Strong Portfolio: A professional company will not be under the hood. They will scream their lungs out, showcasing the brands they have worked with - and that is your best buy.

Their Customer Support Staff: They have to be smart, know what they are doing and have to be able to come up with ideas. It is with these people that you will be dealing with first, so the more efficient they are in giving you details, the easier it is for you to judge their skills and expertise - don't mind drilling them.

Their Clearly Stated Address and Phone Number: Yes, there are scammers out there so a company that has its address and phone number stated is a good indicator. You can take down the address, pay them a visit and talk personally about the work processes. If you can't travel around, you can also put up an online inquiry or search about the company.

Now that you've read this, take a deep breath, sit back and analyze. Do you really think your business will prosper with a Facebook app? Do you have an awesome idea?( It doesn't matter even if you don't because once you contact an app developer, they can come with ideas too, as their job is also to creative!). If you have a yes to all these questions, we have a line-up of informative posts waiting for you.

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